December 1, 2015


5 Seconds of Summer Find Their Long-Lost Member in James Corden

Everyone loves to ask 5 Seconds of Summer why there are five seconds in their name when they are only four members of the band. The Late Late Show host James Corden has an answer: He used to be a part of the equation. In the hilarious Behind the Music-esque skit above, Corden and crew tell the tale of how the band ended up here.

Guitarist Michael Clifford starts, "We first met James at a Motown party but he thought it was an O-Town party so he came dressed as Ashley Angel. It was definitely very weird." 

James Corden explains it a bit differently, "I saw them and I knew that with my help, they had the potential to be a great band...I look at them as brothers and they look at me the way Julia Roberts looks at Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. 'You saved me.'"

It ends with an intervention of sorts: Corden getting kicked out of the group (all the while he thought it was Luke Hemmings getting the boot). He says, "What's a band with no frontman? It's four losers and a guitar."

Watch the crazy clip above, then take our quiz: How well do you know 5SOS?