December 8, 2015


Anti-Flag Song Premiere: Hear 'Coward in My Veins'

As Anti-Flag gears up for the release of Cease Fires this month, has the exclusive premiere of one of the album’s unreleased tracks, "Coward in My Veins," which you can listen to exclusively above.

Always unafraid to speak their minds, the veteran Pittsburgh punk band focuses on a wide range of social and political issues on the song, according to singer/bassist Chris "#2" Barker.

"Lyrically it's got some crazy subject matter references: Russian Winter and Brazilian Summer Olympics corruption, the iron maiden across Europe. The 'land of grace' lyric is a reference to conflict in Venezuela," Chris #2 says. "Looking back it kind of was a huge foreshadowing of where we are at politically. The largest wealth gap in history has created an unprecedented struggle to either change or sustain the status quo. 'I've seen every thing I need to see' to decide which side of that line I want to be on.

"'Coward In My Veins' was a track we all thought for sure would be on [2015 album] American Spring, one that when it didn't make the sequence we knew would need an important release to see light of day," he continues.

Cease Fires, which includes material re-recorded from Anti-Flag’s 7-inch subscription series 20 Years of Hell augmented by previously unreleased B-sides, drops Dec. 18 on A-F Records.