December 11, 2015


Grimes Talks Touring & Time Off After 'Art Angels': Interview

Grimes is planning to hit the road again to promote her excellent new album Art Angels, and the Fuse First artist shared her philosophy on touring with us:

"I think it's really important to have real cups, trying to reduce garbage. I think touring is really bad for the environment. It's one of the reasons it really stresses me out to tour: it's cartage, shipping stuff around, flying 11 people around the world. There's quite a carbon footprint associated with that. We're just trying to reduce as much as possible."

After she ends her promotion for Art Angels (which will include a video for album standout "Kill v. Maim" and the accompanying tour), Grimes says that she wants to go back to school and earn a degree--potentially in political science, biology or education (though, she admits the thought of her being a teacher "might be weird"). The 27-year-old ends that thought by toying with the idea of taking time off before "coming back to music when I'm in my 30s."

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