December 23, 2015


R. City on Staying Positive for Debut Album & "Locked Away" Video: Interview

When R. City decided to make the leap from producer-writers to full-fledged artists, the narrative of their story was all about positivity—no matter what.

"We kept saying, 'People are either going to love this or they're going to hate it' because it's very difficult to make positive music cool," the group's Theron Tomas explains above of their mindset ahead of their debut full-length, What Dreams Are Made Of. "Me and my brother were making an album and were like, 'Yo, more people in the world are dreaming towards something.' They have not achieved their dreams. We still are still dreaming. We know where we come from, we know that we come from literally sleeping on the floor."

That same mentality also transferred to their "Locked Away" video featuring Adam Levine—though this time, they had to fight to keep their vision intact.

"Originally, some of the 'powers-that-be wanted the video to be more like Caribbean party," Timothy Thomas says below. "We just felt like that wasn't the time and place for that song. We felt like it meant so much more that if we showed different stories that we feel people could relate to in the song, the video would touch people in a much different way than the actual song even do."

Check out more secrets from R. City's "Locked Away" video below: