January 11, 2016


How Bebe Rexha Found Her Sound: Video Interview

We know 2016 will be Bebe Rexha's year...she was the first one to tell us. How will she get there? Apparently it takes a bit of looking back. She explains:

"I'm come from this New York City hustler mentality of, like, I would just try to get in the room with whoever I could--I could only really get in with a lot of the hip hop producers so that's why I was influenced by that. I was forced to write on these hip hop beats and make some cooler stuff. Now I'm working with all these people that are my friends, just having a good time and do what music is all about. In this new year I'm just doing what I love. There's definitely a new Bebe. It's more rhythmic and it's more fun and it's going back to my roots of being from New York, being born in Brooklyn, being raised in Staten Island and being Albanian. I'm a lot happier about it. I feel a lot more free. There's no boundaries, which I love."

Boundaries are often created by our own limitations. For Rexha, it was dissolving relationships--romantically and otherwise. She powered through, and she's better because of it:

"I'm tired of writing sad songs about having a broken heart. I want to write something that will make me feel better, that will make people feel better so the producers played this beat and I started to sing 'No broken hearts / no broken hearts.' I started singing 'No broken hearts in the club / No tears in the club / Let's get it started tonight,' and it's a record about fun. I just feel like I'm having fun with my record and that's the most important thing to me. I enjoy it. I say what I want to say."

There you have it! Watch the full interview above, then peak this exclusive video of Rexha discussing her love of David Guetta.