January 22, 2016


Bebe Rexha Tells Origin Story of G-Eazy’s “Me, Myself & I”: Interview

Bebe Rexha is back in the Top 20 of the Hot 100 chart, as “Me, Myself & I,” her collaboration with G-Eazy, moves to No. 19 on the tally this week. The singer-songwriter says that her latest pop hit—which quickly follows last year’s David Guetta collaboration “Hey Mama”—was the result of bringing another song idea into a session with the rapper.

“I went to the studio, and I played him this idea that I had done with some of my friends called ‘I Don’t Need Anything,’” Rexha tells Fuse. “And it’s about not needing anything but your music sometimes, and it’s okay be to alone sometimes. I played him this record and he loved it, and it’s a perfect home for that song. So it became ‘Me, Myself & I.’”

Of course, the singer-songwriter immediately vibe with G-Eazy in the studio. “He really loves what he does, and he just wants to put out the best stuff. And I can relate to that, and I love that.”

Watch the “Me, Myself & I” video below, and click here to watch Rexha describe how she stumbled upon her sound.