January 25, 2016


Tom DeLonge Discusses Angels And Airwaves' Sound: Class of 2006 Video

Ten years ago, a little band called Angels and Airwaves formed. They were, and are, a supergroup led by Blink-182 founding member Tom DeLonge

It was only a year after Blink announced indefinite hiatus which led many to think the band would never reunite. That obviously wasn't the case, but back then, fans were shocked by DeLonge's move toward more quote-unquote serious music. In this vintage Fuse clip from the now-defunct Daily Download program, Tom talks about his new musical direction: 

"We all grew up as punk rock kids...all of our influences were all from a lot of West Coast punk rock and East Coast hardcore. It kind of lays a foundation for who you are as an individual and when you're becoming who you think you are as a teenager or your early 20s. I think now, I am 30 years old now and looking back on music so much of how I view the world is built off a punk rock sensibility but musically I don't really listen to that much stuff anymore. I'm really into Peter Gabriel and the WhoU2The Police and the Cure." 

He continues:

"We really looked at it as music that is timeless and created change and evoked certain emotions in people which I think music doesn't do all the time these days. There's always a lot of really cool bands, a lot of credible bands that everyone likes to put patches on and say, 'Yo, I'm down.' But the idea of a band that really made you feel a certain way or that made you view the world a different way, there's only a handful. I'm sure it's different for everyone but that's kind of where we're coming from."

Watch it above, then flip through our list of all Tom DeLonge records, ranked.