January 29, 2016


Class of 2006: Watch Baby Chris Brown Talk Celebrity Basketball With Bow Wow

Ten years ago, Chris Brown was new on the R&B and hip-hop scene. In this vintage Hip Hop Confidential clip, watch the up-and-coming singer discuss a then-recent celebrity basketball game where he showed Bow Wow what's up.

He tells the Fuse host:

"My man Nelly has the ball. Then he tried to block Bow Wow's shot. He stole the ball from Bow Wow, Bow Wow took the ball back." He tells the host. "Bow Wow didn't see me. I was all the way at the three-point line. I just took three big steps and waited for him to go up. I was talking trash to him before the game because we're very competitive but we're best friends. I was like 'Alrighty, homey, You better not go at me.' I was just telling him, 'You better not go at me.' I was just playing with him, though. I gave him the look after I got that block."

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