January 27, 2016


'Black Parade'-Era Gerard Way Talks 'Star Wars' & Books: Class of 2006

Ten years ago, Gerard Way was still fronting My Chemical Romance. It was the year The Black Parade entered our lives, solidifying his band'ssuperstardom. Even then, however, Way was pretty vocal about his love of geeky stuff, telling Fuse all about his love of Star Wars. Watch the video for Class of 2006 Week above.

"I still have a fair amount of the 'Star Wars' toys I had as a kid. My parents wouldn't let me throw them away and I'm kind of thankful for that. That's basically it. That's the stuff I've kept. There's a lot of guys my age that still have a lot of their old Star Wars toys. 

'Empire Strikes Back' is my favorite movie probably of all time. There's a lot of memories associated with that movie that I have--my father taking me to see it. My father took me to see all those films in the theater. The original Star Wars was the first film I ever saw. I was born the year it came out. It ran for two or three years so they took me when I was about two to see it. I still remember it."

Way also shared his other weird love...outwear:

"[What] Security blanket that I keep from home? No, I just bring a lot of jackets. I'm really hooked on jackets. I'm like a jacket slut, it's weird. At any given time I'm carrying five with me. I'm only wearing one. I always want to have books. Books make me feel like I'm home."

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