January 15, 2016


Leon Bridges Remembers His First Time Hearing David Bowie: Exclusive Video

David Bowie's tragic death earlier this week had everyone recalling their memories of the legendary singer. Soul singer Leon Bridges took to his Twitter to share his thoughts, revealing the first Bowie song he heard and a sweet parting message. Fuse went deeper with the GRAMMY-nominated artist about his memories and how they further inspired him as a singer:

"I remember hearing him for the first time on the local radio station, KXT back in Forth Worth, and it was 'Space Oddity' and I mean, I had never heard anything like that. I don't even know what you call that style, but the delivery is something that is almost a little bit soulful, and that's something that I definitely connected with. It's really sad to see."

The "Coming Home" singer adds that Bowie "definitely left a great legacy."

Keep the nostalgia going with ex-My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way recalling his love for Bowie's iconic Labyrinth film below, and see Anthrax's Scott Ian talk to Fuse about Bowie—whom he says "crossed all lines"—right here.