January 19, 2016


Magic Giant's Breathtaking "Set on Fire" Video: Exclusive Premiere

In a world where not even Mumford & Sons are no longer touting banjos, a folk-rock group needs something new to stand out. Cue future festival staples Magic Giant, who are bringing that familiar, feel-good sound back with a refreshing take.

For new single "Set on Fire," the Los Angeles trio combines a falsetto-driven chorus, a dynamic string section and a banjo-dance breakdown for a fresh kind of folk. The results are strong so far (the song landed in the Top 5 of Spotify's U.S. Viral Chart) and the success should continue with the gorgeous accompanying music video, premiering exclusively on Fuse. Watch above as the guys perform for thousands at the annual Rise Lantern Festival in Nevada's Mojave Desert—a remarkable sight that's beautifully captured here.

Magic Giant told us about their experience at Rise Festival and how it connected to their new song:

"We journeyed out to the Mojave Desert with no expectations and the goal of performing the best damn show of our lives. We ended up a part of an unforgettable experience. When 14,000 people come together for one purpose you can't help to be moved. When they lit the lanterns the whole festival was connected by the launch and and the music. The whole event had a really great parallel to the theme of 'Set on Fire': It doesn't matter who's to blame we're all in this together and letting go is the first step to moving on. Rise Festival is a truly unique experience, we walked away feeling like we just played the second year of Burning Man and got to be on the ground floor of something truly magical."

"Set on Fire" follows Magic Giant's self-titled EP, released early last year, and previews more new music to come, as well as what to expect at future concerts and festivals.