January 6, 2016


R. City on What It's Like Working as Brothers With Opposite Music Tastes: Video

Together, R. City have made chart-topping hits, producing Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" and Rihanna's "Pour It Up," plus as solo artists with their Top 10 hit "Locked Away" featuring Adam Levine. But when left to their own iPods, the brothers' music taste are like "night and day," according to Theron Thomas.

"If ever we did solo projects, my project would sound like a hip hop album. Like a J.ColeDrake type of album," Timothy explains. "Versus, my brother's album would sound like a male version of Lauryn Hill meets André 3000." He adds that when they work together they "meet in the middle and we're able to compromise."

R. City also shared a funny story when they were working with the dude behind Nick Jonas' "Jealous," and the duo's hip hop head Timothy offended the songwriter for not knowing the smash single. Get that full story in the video below and learn more about R. City's What Dreams are Made Of album right here.