February 29, 2016


Life Lessons: 5H's Ally Brooke Hernandez on the Necessity of 'Going Outside Your Own Box'

After releasing her first album, scoring two Top 40 hits, and touring America and Europe with Fifth Harmony, the group's powerhouse vocalist Ally Brooke Hernandez says that the biggest lesson she's learned in the last year is about the necessity to challenge herself—no matter how scary. She tells Fuse in the latest Life Lessons segment:

"I've made decisions that have terrified me. And I've spoken up about things that have been really scary for me to speak up about. Pushing yourself and going outside your own box is something that helps you grow as a human and an artist. I think it's so important to let life happen."

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After you learn a little something from Ally, watch below for what the March of Dimes collaborator had to share about Fifth Harmony's upcoming album, 7/27, which was just previewed by the excellent "Work From Home" that could very likely become their first Top 10 hit: