February 25, 2016


Watch Charli XCX Make Fun of Diplo’s Hat at the BRITs

Charli XCX dropped her majestic Vroom Vroom EP earlier this week, and the full-length follow-up to 2014's Sucker is just around the corner, the U.K. singer-songwriter tells Fuse at the BRIT Awards 2016. Also just around the corner (from Charli, during her interview): Diplo! The producer snuck up on Charli, and she promptly made fun of his attire. Watch it at the 1:20 mark above.

Back wait, back to her next LP: “The album’s done,” she tells Fuse. “It’s just like the artwork and blah, blah, blah.” The Vroom Vroom EP, meanwhile, are songs that “have been written since January 2015.” Loving the blast from the past!

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