February 29, 2016


'Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life' Actors Talk Roommates & Partying

Charlie Saxton (Neal Fissley) and James Earl (Barry Sandel) might plays wacky roommates on Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, but they've definitely had their fair share of lack-luster living situations in real life, too. 

Saxton tells Fuse:

"I had a roommate, he tried getting his entire security deposit back which a.) ain't no one ever gets. He moved out and he didn't clean up the room. He didn't have a cleaning service come and left us to take care of it and wanted us to pay for it. Don't be roommates with your friends. It's a real bad thing. It's a disaster."

They also gave us their best partying advice, which pretty helpful. Earl told us, "Something's going to break. Whatever you don't want to break, put it in the garage or something. Get it out of the way...and buy enough alcohol. There's nothing worse than running out of alcohol, especially after 2 o'clock if the party goes late. My parties go late sometimes."

Take it easy with the booze, party people! While you've got Cooper Barrett's on the mind, watch this interview where Saxton and Earl tell us all about their character roles.