February 23, 2016


'Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life' Actors Describe Their Roles: Video

Have you seen the hilarious Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life on Fox yet? It just premiered, so it's not too late to get in on the action. Before you do that, though, we sat down with two of the leading actors to find out, you know, all about the characters they become onscreen. James Earl, who plays Barry Sandel, the goofy roommate to Barrett, told us:

"Barry is the lovable jackass. He's the over the top, kind of crazy roommate of the three guys...Friends and family is really important to him so whenever anything goes down in the house that has something to do with his friends, he goes into action. He's there to help them."

Charlie Saxton, who plays another roommate, Neal Fissley, described his role:

"Neal is the neurotic, hopeless romantic, [he's] paranoid, [he] wishes he could be part of the hijinks but at the end of the day just has so much anxiety about it. I think that's the thing about all the guys on the show. They really care about each other. Neil is particularly very honest and earnest, [he] just wants to make sure everyone is okay, everyone is having a good time but doesn't want to be excluded, either."

And do the guys relate to those characters? We're not gonna give it away! Watch the interview above. When you're done there, watch another interview with the guys below where they recount the hilarious story of the first time they met.