February 4, 2016


Conrad Sewell Talks "Start Again," Kylie Minogue & 'All I Know' EP: Interview

Conrad Sewell might not be a household name just yet, but that's definitely going to change. If you haven't heard his emotive single, "Start Again," you're really missing out. The Aussie up-and-comer recently stopped by Fuse to talk about the tune:

"'Start Again' I wrote and Kylie Minogue cut a version of it. It was one of those things where she didn't end up putting on her record. I don't know if she didn't like our version or whatever but it bounced back and worth for a while by the time I came to sign a record deal myself and doing it. It was one of those songs that people we're always like, 'You should put that on the album.'"

There's no bad blood, however!  "I actually saw Kylie at the ARIAs, the Australian music awards and she was like 'Thank god you end up singing that song," he continued. "I won song of the year for that. It's cool that she didn't get mad."

The tune arrived on his debut EP, All I Know. He let us in on that process, and his future album plans:

"My stuff is a mix between that Motown stuff and the pop side of things. My EP was pretty much my first musical offering to the world. I'd been writing for a long time and these were just six songs that I thought were a good representation of what I'm trying to do at the moment. There's 'Firestone,' which is the song that I gave to Kygo...I think it's a good taste of what's to come. It's really there for people can have some music. I felt that people needed something out. The album is going to more of a paint of what's to come. I'm going to be finished with my album by the end of March."

We can't wait; in the meantime, check out our list of 17 bold music predictions for 2016. It's gonna be a good one!