February 1, 2016


What Drew Leon Bridges to Soul Music: Fuse First Interview

Despite only releasing his debut album last June, Leon Bridges has already found the approval of the GRAMMY Awards (Coming Home is up for Best R&B Album), Saturday Night Live (he was the musical guest one week after Adele) and R&B fans across the globe. Meanwhile, his latest single "River" is priming the Atlanta-bred soul singer for an even bigger audience—watch its just-unveiled music video below.

We're proud to name Bridges as the latest Fuse First artist, and spoke to the singer-songwriter and Macklemore collaborator to find out where his brand of accessible soul comes from.

"I was introduced to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding and, even as a kid, I loved it," the 26-year-old tells Fuse. "That's when the seed was planted. But from then on, I was listening to just whatever was on the radio."

The singer adds that he's more interested in people paying attention to the details of his vocal delivery than what you might expect from other gospel-inspired stars:

"The way my voice is, I'm not capable of being a big, shouting preacher. It's more impressive and more much of a task to make people impressed with the subtlety ... With soul music, it's just raw. When that type of soul music was made, there had not been anything like it: the songwriting, the delivery, and the production, [it] was something that I was drawn to."

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