February 11, 2016


'Back of the Class' Podcast – Episode 1: Rap at the GRAMMYs, 'Deadpool' & Kanye's New Album

Welcome to Back of the Class, Fuse's new hip-hop and pop culture podcast. Every Thursday, we—Esteban SerranoJuan Cadavid and Zach Dionne—explore rap music, movies, TV, comics, sports, whatever's popping within the realms of our eclectic tastes. To close out, we'll tell you what records we're spinning over the weekend.

In the premiere episode, we...

  • Remember J Dilla on the 10-year anniversary of his landmark album Donuts and his untimely demise at the age of 32. (at the 3:20 mark)|
  • Chop it up about Kanye West's imminent record T.L.O.P. (revealed shortly after our taping to stand for The Life of Pablo), its long, weird, compelling buildup and today's Madison Square Garden Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and album premiere, from which Fuse will be reporting live. (5:10)
  • Examine the GRAMMYs' track record with hip-hop and weigh in on this year's Kendrick Lamar–heavy nominations. (17:40)
  • Get hyped for Deadpool, the Ryan Reynolds–starring R-rated Marvel movie premiering on Friday, Feb. 12. (27:40)

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