February 3, 2016


'Dancin' On Air' Producer Once Told Madonna to Clean Her Mess

Running a reality dance show is no easy task—just ask Dancin' On Air producers Michael Nise and Chrystel Eberts. In an on-set interview, the dynamic duo candidly discussed their relationship before launching into a rather funny anecdote about Madonna.

"We're not married," Nise tells the interviewer.

"We don't even like each other," Eberts shoots back.

Going into the program's early days, Nise revealed that Dancin' On Air was Madonna's very first TV appearance—and it had almost gotten pulled.

After scribbling on the station's bathroom wall with magic marker, the now-legendary performer was offered a proposition.

"If you want your performance to air, there's a cleaning closet right behind you, and I insist that you go and clean up the bathroom," Nise had told her.