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February 11, 2016


Watch the Third Episode of 'Dancin' On Air'

After an epic dance battle last week, Dancin' On Air returns with some killer performances in its third episode. Tina and her dancers attempt a Gaga-esque performance with an eye-popping rendition of "Me & You.” Heartthrob Jesse heats it up with the ladies on the floor, performing "Never Know.” Closing out the show is fresh rapper Whitney Peyton, who brings it home with her hit, "Woopty Woo Woo.”

Every Saturday, Philadelphia’s legendary TV dance show Dancin' On Air puts the spotlight on local talent acts who dance, sing and flirt for the cameras in the hopes of being discovered and launched to stardom. Fuse's docu-series Saturday Morning Fever spotlights the stories of six Dancin' On Air performers—and all the drama that goes down in the studio. When Saturday Morning Fever airs every week, viewers can also check out the show's corresponding Dancin' On Air episode on Fuse.tv.

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