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Tina Shows Off Her Impressive Ear-Piercing Technique

When not on set of 'Dancin' On Air,' the multi-skilled performer is busy punching holes in people's ears

Believe it or not, Saturday Morning Fever star Tina doubles as a skilled ear-piercer whenever she's not filming for Dancin' On Air. The singer, who works at Claire's in Tanger Outlets, gave a cameraman a step-by-step rundown of how she delivers that "quick pinch."

"You're gonna look dope. You're gonna be swagged out," she reassures him.

On what she loves about piercing people's ears, Tina explains, "It's great. I get to talk to people, and then BOOM! The adrenaline rush."

Watch as Tina delivers a beautiful result, all while keeping her cool and staying professional.

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