February 4, 2016


'SportsNation' Host Marcellus Wiley Tell Us His Top 5 DJs

Marcellus Wiley played 10 seasons in the NFL as a member of the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars. During his career, the defensive end tallied up 320 tackles, 44 sacks, 13 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions. He was also selected to the Pro Bowl and NFL All-Pro team in 2001.

While Marcellus has always had a love for football, music has always been his true passion. "I wish I was a musician," says Marcellus, who admits to not having a ton of talent. To fill the void for music, Marcellus DJs. He also tell us who his favorite DJs are, and our very own DJ Skee made the list. 

Below, Marcellus opens up about how his DJing skills helped changed the way NFL teams play their pregame music. "If I've ever done anything fusing sports and music, I did that," says Wiley.