February 26, 2016


Tweet Talks Comeback With 'Charlene' Album, 'It Won't Hurt Me' Single

More than a decade after she first bust onto the scene with "Oops (Oh My)"—remember that jam?—Tweet is back with her third studio album, Charlene. According to the longtime neo-soul favorite, the new record's direction was mostly inspired after she noticed "the soul of music was missing" on the mainstream scene that saw her last LP released in 2005.

"My goal on this album was to give you guys some real soul music; an album you can just ride the waves through the whole thing. I'm excited, it's been 10 years...I had to go back to my roots, back to the basics, where I was inspired by my gospel roots. Aretha FranklinAl Green, I got all that inspiration and I said 'That's what I want to put on Charlene.' So you'll know what I was inspired by as 'Charlene' on this record."

To achieve her goal, Tweet reintroduced herself with the acoustic-leaning R&B gem "It Won't Hurt Me" (below) that boasted her signature, honeyed harmonies, and soft-yet-strong vocal approach:

Peep below to see Tweet speak about why "It Won't Hurt Me" was the perfect single to kick off her comeback, as well as her other favorite tracks on Charlene

You can stream the just-released, 15-track album on Spotify now and stay tuned for more exclusives with Ms. Hummingbird herself soon.