February 22, 2016


Video: Yo Gotti Says His DMs Are Actually Out of Control

Yo Gotti just dropped his fifth studio album, The Art of Hustle, on Friday, Feb. 19. The biggest part of the buildup, of course, was "Down in the DM"—and the song's no joke. "I need an assistant or somethin' for the DM right now...like two of 'em," Yo Gotti tells Fuse in the interview above. The chat accordingly sees the Memphis rapper getting interrupted by blasts on two of his three phones.

Watch to find out what Yo Gotti likes best out of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, then find out his rules of social media ettiquette.

Below, learn about The Art of Hustle, which the dude says was longer in the making than any of his previous LPs. You gotta hear the Lil Wayne–featuring "Bible," too.