March 15, 2016


'Beer Rx': Why Departed Soles Is So Passionate About Gluten-Free Beer

Yesterday, BeerRx gave you a tour of Jersey City's Departed Soles Brewing Company and during a week when beer is on everyone's minds (St. Patrick's Day is on Thursday!), Fuse has even more for you with our new digital series that will fill your prescription for everything beer, breweries, bars and beyond.

In the latest episode, brewmater Brian Kulbacki explains his brewery's backstory and why he's so passionate about specializing in great-tasting, gluten-free beer which stems from his best friend being diagnosed with celiac disease. 

Check back the entire St. Patty's Day week for more from BeerRx, including explorations on brewing, tasting, and much more. Watch Episode 1 where Kulbacki and Fuse's Brain Zambuto tour Departed Soles below: