March 31, 2016


Video: 'Demolition' Stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Naomi Watts on Their Vending Machine Choices

Snack time is always the best time, and the cast of the upcoming movie Demolition agrees! In this Fuse interview, actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper and Naomi Watts reveal their favorite vending machine treats. "Peanut M&M's are actually a go-to for me, but then I try to be healthy and eat a Clif Bar," Gyllenhaal tell us.

Below, watch the cast pick what song they would play while demolishing a house (a fun choice from Naomi Watts was Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"). Be sure to look out for Demolition, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Wild, Dallas Buyers Club), when it hits select theaters on April 8.