March 29, 2016


'Fluffy Breaks Even' Star Gabriel Iglesias Dishes on His "Second Favorites"

Everyone always talks about their favorites, but what about second favorites? You know, the not-quite-cutting-it favorites that almost edged out the favorite-favorite.

Gabriel Iglesias, international comedian and star of Fuse's Fluffy Breaks Even, showed love for all his "seconds" in an exclusive interview. Of course, he shed light on his second favorite food first.

"The second best food I ever ate was a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread," Iglesias reveals. "The first best was a few minutes earlier when I had a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread."

He also chooses North Carolina's Golden Corral over the Long Beach location as his first favorite restaurant before admitting that Alyssa Milano comes in second to Tony Danza as his top celebrity crush.

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