March 14, 2016


Nathan Sykes Dishes on Auditioning for The Wanted

Before Nathan Sykes was a Fuse First artist, he made his way to the U.S. as one-fifth of The Wanted, a band he never thought he had a chance at being in.

In our interview with Sykes, the "Over and Over Again" singer remembered how he went into the Wanted audition after already dismissing it, choosing a non-boy-band-esque tune to croon for the panel.

"I was 16 and most the guys auditioning were at least 21," he recalled. "There was no way on planet Earth I'm gonna get this."

But he did, and even though The Wanted split in 2014, Sykes has been on his own musical journey and is preparing the release of a solo album. His collaboration with Ariana Grande is out now.

Watch Sykes reminisce about his audition days above, and then check this video below to see how his new music is coming along. All month long, tune in to see the "Over and Over Again" video and more exclusive content with March's Fuse First artist Nathan Sykes on Fuse and Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.