March 31, 2016


The NSYNC/BSB/O-Town Movie, 'Dead 7,' Required Lots Of Martial Arts Training

By now, we've already got our snacks prepared for Syfy's "Dead 7" premiere on April 1. You know, it's that movie with all your favorie '90s/'00s boybanders from The Backstreet Boys'N Sync98 Degrees and O-Town?

The film has the guys battling zombies in a Wild West setting—as they do—and as O-Town's Erik-Michael Estrada (who plays Komodo) tells Fuse, killing the undead takes a lot of training.

"Every day was martial arts training in the morning and working my moves until I had to shoot and then right after that, I would have to learn whatever I had to learn for the next day. Every day was just a learning process.

"The sword training was the best part for me. I think for most kids who grew up in the '80s and '90s, being and American ninja is kind of a dream."

And, come Friday, if you like the moves you see onscreen for "Dead 7," Estrada is already hoping for a sequel.

Check out "Dead 7" star Joey Fatone in the video below as he talks about his post-boy band life: