Strangers You Know's 'Loosen Up the Leash' EP Explores Hookup Culture: Premiere

You know when you keep seeing a band pop up on every festival lineup that it seems inevitable they're about to break out? That's the sense we're getting with Strangers You Know, who are booked for everything from Coachella and Hangout Fest to Firefly and SXSW this festival season. 

The L.A.-based indie-pop/folk outfit should solidify its staying power with a new EP, Loosen Up the Leash, premiering exclusively on Fuse ahead of its release. Listen above to all six tracks, centered around lead single "Used" that amplifies a bluesy, folk sound catered for a live arena. 

Strangers You Know's main instrumentalist Adam Haagen (who handles everything from piano and guitar to banjo and mandolin) tells us, "It was important to give the whole song a catchy, but darker tone to keep in line with the lyrics, because after all, the song is about the modern age of casual relationships and the mixed feeling our generation have accepted as the norm." See the tracklist below:

1. Tied
2. Believe in Me
3. Middle
4. Tell Me I'm Alright
5. Used
6. Sparrow Hand

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