March 25, 2016


'Batman v Superman': Watch Joey Fatone, The Summer Set, David Arquette & More Pick a Winner

For the last few weeks, Fuse has been asking its artist guests the most important question of the month: Batman v Superman—who wins?

Watch above as Joey Fatone, The Summer Set, David Arquette, Bloc Party, Alfred Robles, Erik-Michael Estrada and Kris Allen weigh in on the epic battle hitting theaters today (March 25).

"I would say Superman, because he's got...superpowers, you know?" said the ex–*NSYNC vocalist and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 actor. "Batman has stuff that's super, but [Superman] can take those away from him."

For more, check out our piece about why Ben Affleck really needs to be a great Batman, and listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast talk about blockbuster hype at the 34:50 mark in the episode below.