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#TBT 2009: Lady Gaga Opens Up About her Fears on 'The Fame Monster' EP

Mother Monster gets candid about the record in this 2009 Fuse interview

Our latest episode of #ThrowbackThursday is all about Lady Gaga, who solidified her immense popstar status with 2009's The Fame Monster EP. In honor of Mother Monster's upcoming 30th birthday on Mar. 28, we're revisiting our Fuse interview with her from seven years ago!

"It's about obsession, it's about my fear of love," Gaga said about her insanely massive "Bad Romance" single.

She continued, "Each song [on the record] represents a different monster that I feel I've encountered on the road." Her ability to be emotionally vulnerable about her struggles with love, sex and drugs made for one of the best pop albums (or EPs, whatever you'd like to call it) of the past decade.

After you watch above, check out our picks of Gaga's best unreleased tracks here.

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