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Stevie Williams: 'Skateboarding & Music Go Hand in Hand'

Plus, the skateboarder reveals which Future song is his favorite

Stevie Williams started skateboarding at 11 years old. In 1994, Williams, who was only 15, went pro appearing in his first video called Element: Fine Artists Vol. 1. In the same year, he joined both the Chocolate Skateboards team and DC Shoes. In 2000, he released a signature model shoe with DC. Williams also launched Dirty Ghetto Kids skateboards back in 2002, an American skateboarding company.

While Williams clearly has a passion for skateboarding, he also loves music just as much. "Music is what I love, and I'm open to new and different music," he told us. He told us that he'll buy a new album and listen to it for a month straight in order to fully understand what the album's about. What matters to him most? Authenticity.

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