March 10, 2016


Stevie Williams: 'Skateboarding & Music Go Hand in Hand'

Stevie Williams started skateboarding at 11 years old. In 1994, Williams, who was only 15, went pro appearing in his first video called Element: Fine Artists Vol. 1. In the same year, he joined both the Chocolate Skateboards team and DC Shoes. In 2000, he released a signature model shoe with DC. Williams also launched Dirty Ghetto Kids skateboards back in 2002, an American skateboarding company.

While Williams clearly has a passion for skateboarding, he also loves music just as much. "Music is what I love, and I'm open to new and different music," he told us. He told us that he'll buy a new album and listen to it for a month straight in order to fully understand what the album's about. What matters to him most? Authenticity.