March 24, 2016


Conner Coffin: 'Music Is Parallel to Surfing'

Pro surfer Conner Coffin has always had a passion for the ocean. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, Coffin started surfing when he was in kindergarten. Throughout the years, he developed a very smooth, clean and powerful surfing style. In 2012, he went pro and came in first at the Vans US Open Junior Pro and North Shore Junior Pro events that same year. Now 22 years old, he’s competing around the world while making videos for his website, Young Wise Tails.

Currently, Coffin loves listening to Jack White as well as good old blues-rock, like The Allman Brothers, The Band, and The Grateful Dead.

While surfing is tough enough, Coffin is always opened to a good challenge. "For me in general, I like to do stuff that is hard. It's motivating trying to get better at something," says Coffin who enjoys playing the guitar. Coffin says that surfing and playing the guitar are "super similar." Watch the clip to see what they have in common.