April 1, 2016


The Summer Set Talks 'Stories for Monday' Album & Defines 'Punk': Interview

The Summer Set members are veterans of the music game at this point, with their latest album, Stories for Monday,representing their fourth full-length. It's a clear-cut maturation for the band, but they're sticking true to their specific, unique sound.

Watch above as singer Brian Logan Dales explains to Fuse why Stories for Monday is "the album that almost wasn't."

The first single from the album is "Figure Me Out," wherein Dales sings, "I'm a bit too pop for the punk kids / But I'm too punk for the pop kids." We had to ask...is that true? And what even is "punk"? "To me, Fetty Wap is a lot more punk than a lot of punk bands are...punk is an attitude to me," Dales explains.

Watch more below, and when you're done there, take our quiz: How Punk Are You?