April 13, 2016


KISS Guitarist Ace Frehley Talks 'Origins, Vol. 1' Solo Album

Lead guitarist and founding member of Kiss, Ace Frehley is gearing up to release his seventh solo album Origins, Vol. 1 (out April 15.) Fuse caught up with the rock legend to talk about surprising collaborations and the release, which apparently he wasn't totally stoked about at the get-go. He told us:

"I have like thirty songs but I tried to pick ones I could do live, also. That was a contributing decision. I originally wasn't that excited about it but once I started the recording process it just snowballed."

Watch the full interview above.

He also told us all about the album artwork—everything from the meaning behind the number "27," the reason he picked certain guitars and the World Trade Center imagery. Learn all about that below.