April 22, 2016


'Fluffy Breaks Even' Star Alfred Robles Shares His Favorite Things: Watch

Alfred Robles, one of the many cool guys on Fluffy Breaks Even, stopped by Fuse to chat with us about his favorite things—well, one in particular. The comedian has much love for his cat, who is awesomely called "Two Socks" in honor of Tupac. He shares a funny story about a gender mix-up:

"I remember calling the vet, and I said 'Is Two Socks ready?' They were like, 'It's not a he, it's a she. And I go, 'No, that ain't my f--king cat! My cat's a he!' I kept arguing."

Watch below as Robles plays a fun game of food-related word association, where he links New York to pizza and Austin to Tex-Mex.

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