May 1, 2016


Babymetal Talks Meeting Ariana Grande, Marilyn Manson & All Time Low: Watch

If it wasn't clear from their new Metal Resistance album going Top 10 in Japan and Australia, Top 15 in the U.K. and Top 40 in America, Babymetal's fan base extends around the world. And that includes some extremely famous faces, too.

Watch above as Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal tell Fuse about meeting their celebrity supporters like Ariana Grande ("When I found out she knew about Babymetal I was extremely shocked," says Yuimetal), All Time Low ("They wore our T-shirt on stage," recalls Moametal) and even Marilyn Manson ("We didn't know until after we met him that almost no one ever gets invited to his special dressing room"). 

After you watch the band—which are currently one of the biggest teen acts in the world—recall their celebrity encounters, watch them get into detail about their new album and explain why they recorded their song "The One" in English: