April 18, 2016


Faulkner Talk Bicoastal Identity, RZA, Their New EP & More: Watch

Faulkner might feel like a new rock band on the music scene, but the guys have been at it for a while...and on both coasts of these United States. Frontman Lucas Asher tells Fuse:

"I ran away from [California neighborhood] Northridge when I was 15-years-old and I headed to New York. I was roughing it on the streets of Dumbo, and playing a bunch of open mics and things like that as a solo artist before finally joining Faulkner. We're based out of Venice-area, Calif. That's why we consider ourselves a bicoastal band."

He talks about how that rough childhood informed the band's songwriting:

"All of the writing is just deeply personal and reality-based. It's my experiences on the streets and my perspectives and views. How it works is that I'll come up with a melody and a lyrical idea and I'll bring it to the band. The band works the song and arranges it. It's a process."

Their most recent release, an EP titled Revanchist, reflects that struggle. Oh and it features RZA on the track "NY Anthem." Seriously! Watch the full interview above, then check out "NY Anthem" featuring theWu-Tang Clan member below: