April 15, 2016


'Fluffy Breaks Even' Hits AsiaSF with the 'Transcendent' Ladies

In this week's episode of Fluffy Breaks Even, Martin, G Reilly and Alfred arrive at the world-famous AsiaSF restaurant in San Francisco for an evening with the Transcendent ladies. 

Known for its extravagant runway bar and award-winning menu, AsiaSF and its talented crew of transgender stars were ready to show these boys a good time. "It's a whole wide world of acceptance and redefining sexual roles and gender roles," said Martin.

Greeted by the gorgeous Bambiana, the trio receives a tour of the establishment before throwing back a few drinks at the bar. Soon after, fellow Transcendent cast member Xristina dazzles G Reilly with her enthusiastic hugs and passion for staying true to herself.

Many cocktails later, Martin turns things up a notch by volunteering to do the famous blowjob shot—from Bambiana's crotch, of course.

Watch all the craziness go down at AsiaSF, and don't miss Fluffy Breaks Even Thursdays at 10/9c on Fuse!