April 7, 2016


The Cast of 'High Strung' on Dance Offs and Faking It on Set: Interview

When you're met with dance off challenge, sometimes you might have to fake your smooth moves! In our latest Fuse interview, Keenan Kampa and Nicholas Galitzine from the cast of High Strung revealed what went on behind-the-scenes of their dance film.

Describing it as a "party on set," Kampa explained that she purposefully wanted to be unprepared:

"I think the biggest challenge was figuring out how to include me into the hip-hop dancers' dance. But it was fun to do the rehearsals for it, because I basically just sat on the side and watched. I said, okay the day of I'm gonna learn it—so that way it would look authentically bad."

Look out for High Strung in theaters on April 8, and flip through our list of the best prom dance scenes in film history.