April 1, 2016


Kris Allen's Car Crash Helped Him Make Better Music: Interview

You may remember Kris Allen's hit "Live Like We're Dying" from 2009—the track about living life to the fullest in case you suddenly lose it. But the American Idol Season 8 winner means it in the most personal sense. 

When Allen stopped by the Fuse studios, he told us about a car crash that made him rethink the way he led his life. Even though everyone was okay, he still spent a year re-learning guitar, but he only says it made him better.

His new style helped him make his Letting You In album, which he dropped in March, so much easier. He tells us in the interview above how making the LP, along with the song "Waves," was easy breezy.

Check out our interview above, and the watch below, where Kris gives us some Life Lessons.