April 11, 2016


Max Explains How a Pregnancy Scare & His Neighborhood Influenced His Album: Video

After touring with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa and signing with Pete Wentz's DCD2 label, Max has finally released his debut full-length album, Hell's Kitchen Angel. With a slew of EPs and singles under his belt already, the rising pop singer dropped what he calls his "most honest work" to date.

One of those intimate moments came through full-fledged in the album standout "Home":

"Home' is about this scare pregnancy I had and realizing that I wasn't ready to be father, but what if I had to be? Am I ready, at 23, to be a father? And thinking of the names, where we're going to live, all those things that happen at the different hours of the night when you haven't figured it out yet. And then going to the drug store to get that pregnancy test and whatever else. Everything, when you're looking at this person, you just realize so much with something like that. I think this record, in total, has been all about that honesty and I hope it inspires people to be more honest in their lives too."

Max adds that growing up in New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood along with moving to Los Angeles at 18 also heavily influenced the LP.

Watch Max get intimate above and then watch the Manhattanite give one-word reviews of each song off Hell's Kitchen Angel, along with some additional commentary on the tracks, below: