Melanie Martinez on Her Empowering 'Cry Baby' Character: Fuse First Interview

Cry Baby is not only the title of Melanie Martinez's debut album, but a childhood pet name she proudly embraces as the titular character of her LP. The essence of the character is undeniably felt in the singer-songwriter's excellent single "Pity Party" which is why Fuse picked the 20-year-old as our latest Fuse First artist. 

Watch above as Melanie chats with us from New York's famously whimsical Alice's Tea Cup restaurant and explains the empowering statement behind the record:

"I wanted to bring life into this character that is this nickname that I got called when I was a kid that was supposed to be an insult, but I wanted to turn it into a compliment and really show that even if you're emotional you can still be strong."

The singer adds that Cry Baby showcases "the contrast between light and dark: The childhood theme is the light, but the actual core are the songs which were a little more mature, honest and grown up."