April 7, 2016


Oh My Girl Discuss 'Liar Liar,' New Music & Love for Beyoncé

Late last month, Oh My Girl made its return to the K-pop scene with another new transformation with the single "Liar Liar," off the new Pink Ocean EP, that showcases a flirty, sassy and powerful side of the group. Like previous singles "Cupid" and "Closer," "Liar Liar" finds the girl group showing off an impressive stage performance with its most intricate choreography to date.

Amid a busy comeback schedule, Fuse caught up with the ladies to talk about their new music, dance moves, label mates B1A4, Beyoncé and much more. Watch their new music video below and read on for all things Oh My Girl.

Fuse: Hello, Oh My Girl! Can you introduce your new single to us and tell us about the recording experience?

Hyojung: Oh My Girl's new single "Liar Liar" is about a cute girl who fell in love. We mainly focused on the performance for "Liar Liar"! There are "point choreographies" in between, which are very powerful and cute. All the members went into a vocal booth to record "Yah Yah!" parts in between—it was really fun!
JinE: She's right! The song expresses about a girl who had a crush on a guy, how it made her heart flutter. Hyojung already mentioned about "Yah Yah!," we also have the "Uh Oh," "Hey Hey Hey Hey!" [parts record together], we really had fun in the vocal booth while we recorded "Liar Liar."
Seunghee: I fell right into the song because of the powerful sound when I first heard "Liar Liar"! So it has been really fun and I enjoyed... throughout the whole recording sessions. Also, I've been dancing all the time whenever I listen to "Liar Liar." [The] brightness and excitement vibe of this song will be Oh My Girl's appearance while we prepare this album, I guess.

I don't know how to swim. I wanted to try backstroke so bad—I drowned right after!

Hyojung on Filming Oh My Girl's New Video

Can you talk to us about the concept for this new comeback?

Mimi: You can see a girl who fell in love in different ways just like a fairytale book. Also we are planning to show [a] very different vibe from "Closer," but more bright and refreshing energy than "Cupid" this time. I think a "Cupid" girl went through [the] "Closer" process and became "Liar Liar"! [laughs] Of course, she's still young and girlish, but a little bit more grown up?
Binnie: Finally, we came back after four months. I think [our] third mini-album has a very different emotion close to "Closer." "Closer" expressed very dim emotion deep inside [a] girl's heart, but this time, we will express a girl's pure heart with cute expression. We tried to look more natural compare to previous albums. We also changed our appearance a lot to express our new concept such hair color and colorful wardrobe.

How was filming the music video? Do you have any memorable stories from the shoot?

Jiho: We did a shooting in the water for the first time. We really had a good time playing around in the water and it came out so good. I appreciate all the staffs on the shoot! 
Arin: I shot a scene where I look for B1A4 Gongchan's picture under the water when we shot our music video. I actually learned to swim when I was in kindergarten, so I think I used my childhood background on this music video!
Hyojung: Every prop was so cute and the color of background are so nice, that's why all of us came out so pretty! Jiho, Arin and I shot under the water. We swam under the water, but I don't know how to swim. I wanted to try backstroke so bad—I drowned right after I tried! There was a swimming coach, he saw me and taught me how to do it and I did it.

I admire Oh My Girl's intricate choreography and formations. Can you talk to us about the stage performance for this new single? 

YooA: We prepared really good performance this time! You will see [a] "roller girl" concept with a shoe that looks like a roller skate. There is also the "stretching dance," the "menboong (mental collapse) dance", the "Dangyeonhaji (popular TV show game Of Course) dance" and "roller skate dance," and more.
Mimi: I wish that people like our choreography and formations. I think the performance of "Closer" was really great and the "Liar Liar" performance is little bit different from "Closer." Since there are eight of us, there are formations that we can do with different members, so it feels a little bit different. Also please focus on our point choreography and each of our expressions!
Seunghee: Thank you very much for your interests on our choreography. If you look closely to our shoe, there are rollers just like a roller skate! There is a roller skate choreography and the shoe really helps to make the choreography stands out. 

Can you talk about the other songs on the Pink Ocean EP? Do you have any favorites?

Mimi: There are five songs on this EP: "Liar Liar" is about a cute girl who had a big crush, "B612" is a pretty song that you can hear all eight of our unique voices, [on] "Knock Knock" you can hear each members acting and expressions and it's about girls cute friendship, and "One Step Two Step," one that B1A4's Jinyoung wrote for us, is really refreshing yet girly. 
I wrote my own lyrics for my rap on three songs! Each song has its own characteristic, so it was fun because I imagine interesting stories while I write. Especially for "Liar Liar," Pinocchio is that rap's main concept and rap lyrics are little bit more stronger than other lyrics. 

Binnie: I love all of our songs, but I recommend to listen to "I Found Love." You can hear all the voice difference between each of us and I can feel the Oh My Girl's energy! I would like fans to say that Oh My Girl has became more lively and gained more energy and grew little bit more. Also we would like to think same thing for ourselves.
Hyojung: All the album cuts on this EP show each of our members' voice personality. I love all of them, but if I have to pick one, it will be "One Step Two Step." The chorus of the song is really catchy and song itself really moves people's heart I think. Our goal is to show each of Oh My Girl members' attraction. 
JinE: Love them all, of course! I really like "One Step Two Step"! It reminds me of spring and the song made me cry. Something about it is really heartfelt.

What has Oh My Girl learned from your label mates B1A4? Do you ever envision collaborations together?

Hyojung: They always advise us saying, "This way it will sound better," or "That was really nice!" We always watch B1A4's stage performances and try to learn how to be more comfortable on stage. It will be a huge honor of us to collaborate with them...we'll collaborate whenever we have any chance!
Seunghee: Honestly, before my debut, I used to watch B1A4's performances and studied how they work with cameras, how they perform onstage, even how they use their hand motions. I am so happy now that a group that I admired now gives us advice after watching our performance. But not just for performances, they also advise us how we should bond together as a team and how we should keep our good energy. Also, they say to never forget about staff's effort and to do our best for ourselves. I really thank them!

Oh My Girl seems to really like Beyoncé. Hyojung, YooA, and Seunghee sang "Halo" on a radio show and we saw your a cappella version of "Party." What do you like about her so much? 

YooA: Wow! She is one that I respect the most and love the most! She is like my role model since I was young! I used to practice singing with her songs and practice dancing watching her videos. I love her so much...her powerful charisma on stage and she never gets nervous on live performances.
Mimi: Our members sang "Halo" so well! They were enjoying that moment when they sang on radio that day. The other members felt really great for them and enjoyed with them! Beyoncé has her own stage control skill, I love that. Including me, most of my members like foreign music so we get to listen to Beyoncé a lot. I love her music, choreography, expressions, and such. One thing I love the most is how she enjoy the stage and music, how she loves and enjoys on what  she does. 
Seunghee: I love many artists in Korea and outside Korea including Beyoncé! One of my dream is to be a singer who can deliver happiness and move people's heart at least where my voice can be reached. 

Anything else you'd like to add or do you have a message for your international fans? 

Mimi: Thank you very much for sending love for Oh My Girl's music! We will try and prepare for better music and variety of concept, so please keep sending love for Oh My Girl!
JinE: Thank you for all the fans out there! You really have become our biggest help! We will show a variety of concepts so please expect us more. And I really want to see you soon! I love you!
Jiho: I really want to see you but we haven't had many chance to perform out of Korea yet! We will do our best to perform with you soon with our performance so please wait for us! Thanks always.
Seunghee: I won't ever forget how you guys sending us love. We will prepare something new every time and get better and better all the time. We are also waiting for the day that we meet. We will try our best to make unforgettable memories and moment for that day so please keep watching us and expect us! Love you all! Be happy and I pray to meet you soon!
Arin: I hope there are more chances for us to fly out to meet all the fans out of Korea! Thank you all for love that you send us even though we don't get to see you much! I love you all!