April 14, 2016


Watch Phoebe Ryan Explain New 'Chronic' Video, Upcoming LP & Taylor Swift Co-Sign

Phoebe Ryan unveiled the video for new single "Chronic" today (April 14) which depicts the Jersey-raised singer in a "throwback, underdog story" spotlighting her brand of cheeky, feel-good indie-pop. The rising star also stopped by Fuse to talk about her new single, which she says is the first taste of her forthcoming full-length album:

"There's some interesting topics I would say that are not super PG, but they're going to be great and said in a very fun way. There's a lot of songs that touch on a lot of different subjects. Some of them are fun, cheeky, kind-of 'Chronic'-vibe songs. But then there's some songs that are a little bit darker. There's so many different vibes coming in at all angles now as we develop a story and a sound."

Ryan added that she's particularly excited for fans to hear songs like "Outside," which will showcase a different side of her.

One person who's likely jazzed to hear that album is none other than Taylor Swift, who gave Phoebe's 2015 single "Mine" a shoutout in her New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome playlist on Twitter. The green-haired singer says it was "mind-blowing" when she saw the shoutout and was inspired by the message:

"I couldn't believe it was happening on in reality on this Earth. But I'm still waiting for her to hit me up; still waiting for her to call me for a duet. I got an idea for a duet already for the song—I can't share it!—but I got one! And it would be amazing. I was very grateful. If I'm ever in her position, I would love to be supporting young artists as well."

Watch the "Chronic" video below and look out for Phoebe to continue hyping up her upcoming LP in addition to writing for other artists in 2016.