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Phoebe Ryan Shares Top 5 Video Games: From 'The Sims' to 'Super Smash Bros.'

What games get the "Chronic" singer hyped up? Find out your favorite celebrity's favorite things on the latest episode of 'Top 5'

Phoebe Ryan is slowly becoming known for her mix of indie-pop production and R&B melodies, but the rising singer-songwriter might also soon be known for her gaming skills. In the latest episode of Top 5, the "Chronic" star shares with us her five favorite video games.

From her demonic way of playing The Sims to her go-to character in Super Smash Bros., watch above as Phoebe goes gamer on us and shares her top picks.

Get your weekly list fix above, and then watch Ryan talk about her new video for "Chronic" and upcoming debut album below:

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