April 21, 2016


Dame Dash Talks Business and "Putting Up Bread" on 'SKEE TV'

Dame Dash, known by many for co-founding the now defunct Roc-A-Fella Records, stops by SKEE TV this week to discuss how he approaches major business decisions.

On the most challenging aspect of being a CEO, Dash highlighted the insecurity of being independent.

"Deciding to be independent—to walk away from Roc-A-Fella, to walk away from Rocawear on a business level. It's easy to just get income that's being given to you and is being put out by someone else, but you're not putting up the bread," he tells host DJ SKEE.

"The minute you put up your own bread, that's when they call you broke. If I put six million dollars into a business, and I don't have money until I get it back, then the newspapers are gonna get at me. But that's part of the game when you're an independent."

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