April 6, 2016


Von Miller Gets Fined for Being Late to Dance Rehearsal

The NFL season might be over, but Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller remains busy, busy, busy!

Currently showing off his stellar moves on Dancing With the Stars, Miller revealed that partner Witney Carson keeps tabs on how many times he's late to rehearsal. The Super Bowl MVP is fined 100 bucks for every minute that he's late, and so far, he's at $1,500—not too shabby.

"She kind of thought I was gonna be the lackadaisical guy who comes in and not really work," Miller told host DJ SKEE.

Miller also assured everyone that he's the same guy both on and off the field.

"The Von that I am on the football field, that's me. That's 100 percent Von. When I'm around my guys or my teammates, that's me. That's where I feel the most comfortable," he explains. "After sacks and stuff, it's just the same dancing that we do in the locker room around my buddies. I'm just trying to have a good time."

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